WATCH: Florida High School Students Walk Out To SUPPORT Gun Rights. Where’s MEDIA?

Last month, thousands of teenage students in high school’s across the country walked out of their classrooms to protest gun violence in America. The protests were a huge media draw as news outlets in America and around the world covered the walkout’s in stunning detail. Democrat politicians and Hollywood celebrities applauded these teenagers as brave, fearless leaders, of the future, ignoring the fact that these children are fighting to take away American’s God-given rights.

Though what made this protest even more disheartening was the fact that while these teenagers were given a platform to express their feelings on the matter, other students that support the second amendment were ridiculed and even threatened with in-school suspensions. However, last week, the student’s in one Florida high school were not about to be silenced by those on the left and staged their own walkout in support of the second amendment, and of course, the media was nowhere in sight to report on it.

Students Rockledge High School in Brevard County, Florida briefly walked out of class to support gun ownership in America.

For years, the left has been doing what they can to change the public’s perception of the Second Amendment, and sadly, it has been a successful mission. The left knew that the only way they could get people to disarm themselves willingly is by influencing the youth to despise our constitutional rights and beg for the government to control us.

Over the last several years, conservatives have seen this disturbing trend occurring in our public schools at an alarming rate as educators have been teaching revisionist history that paints our founding fathers and history in an unsavory light. Now, after close to a decade of this brainwashing the younger generation is primed and ready to demand our nation’s laws be changed in the name of security.

So, it was no surprise that after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that the gun grabbers would use these indoctrinated teenagers to achieve their goal to disarm millions of law-abiding gun owners. Protests and rallies popped up overnight, and of course, there was round the clock media coverage, but the same could not be said about the rally advocating for gun rights last week in Rockledge, Florida.

Here is more from Fox News:

“A group of students at a Central Florida high school walked out of class Friday as part of a protest in support of the Second Amendment.

Some of the students who participated in the walkout at Rockledge High School told WFTV that when the movement to honor the victims and survivors of the shooting in Parkland became political, they felt silenced.

“I’m pro-Second Amendment,” Rockledge junior and protest organizer Anna Delaney told the station. “I wouldn’t mind deeper background checks, of course, but the Second Amendment will not be infringed upon.”

Many Rockledge students walked out of class March 14 as part of the National School Walkout that was held in support of the Parkland school shooting victims and to protest gun violence and call for new gun control measures. They stood on the football field and formed a huge heart.

About 75 students participated in Friday’s walkout at Rockledge, Florida Today reported. The protest lasted 20 minutes.

They walked onto the schools track carrying the American flag and signs that said “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “I support the right to bear arms,” the paper reported. Some wore Trump “Make America Great Again” hats and camouflage clothing.

“We were built on certain rights and that was one of the original rights, that we should have the right to bear arms,” sophomore Chloe Deaton told the group. She helped Delaney organize the walkout.

Zachary Schneider, a junior, was quoted by the paper as saying, “It’s all over the news right now that all students hate guns. I wanted to show that not all students feel that way.”

Rockledge principal Vickie Hickey said the school treated the Second Amendment walkout exactly like it treated the walkout that took place two weeks ago, the paper reported.


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