HORROR IN VIRGINIA – Over 100 Victims…

Over 130 people have become seriously ill after eating at a Sterling, Virginia., Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) restaurant.

WTOP reported that Chipotle reopened the restaurant on Wednesday after closing it for two days for a “thorough sanitization.” Though original reports said that just 13 people were injured, 133 people reported being sick after eating at the Chipotle location.

The people who were sick came down with the norovirus, which has symptoms that include vomiting, diarrhea, severe stomach pain, dehydration and nausea.

“They have taken steps to bring in new food product, professionally clean the facility and minimize the likelihood that any ill employee would be working,” Dr. David Goodfriend, director of the Loudoun County Health Department, said of the Chipotle.

He went on to explain that the norovirus is confirmed by finding the virus in the stools of an ill person.

“We are attempting to do that this week, and should have some results back by early next week,” Goodfriend.

Though investigators have not yet determined the exact cause of the outbreak, Goodfriend said he is confident the risk has been minimized.

“We are not aware of any concern with the food supply chain, all existing open food products have been discarded, and the restaurant has started they have brought in new food preparers,” said Goodfriend.

Chipotle CEO Steve Ells released a brief statement about what happened.

“The event that occurred at this restaurant is consistent with Norovirus which can be introduced by people into any closed environment like schools, cruise ships, nursing homes or restaurants,” Ells said. “It is unfortunate that anyone became ill after visiting our restaurant, and when we learned of this issue, we took aggressive action to correct the problem and protect our customers.”

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