HOLY WOW! President Trump ’s “PIT BULL” HUMILIATES Crooked Liberal Media!

“This week, one brave member of the Trump Administration went into the lion’s den over and over again to do battle with the Destroy-Trump media.”

Sean Hannity

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant of President Donald J. Trump, is fed up. He’s tired of the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media)’s fabricated stories and outright lies about President Trump, and he’s going on the offense to do something about it.

In the past week, Gorka went on CNN twice, and also went to MSNBC.  As Sean Hannity put it, he “went into the lion’s den over and over again to battle with the Destroy-Trump media.” He would not take any of their foolish “baiting” questions, and basically opened up a can of Whoop A$$ of the Destroy-Trumpers, throwing their nonsense right back in their faces. (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)

“A GORKA BEAT DOWN!”  Sean Hannity

Dr. Gorka has volunteered to be President Trump’s “PIT-BULL.” He is pushing back and taking it to the Crooked Liberal Media with a vengeance. Watch and SHARE! Show President Trump we CARE!

Dr. Gorka to CNN:

“More people watch Nick at Night cartoons than watch CNN today.”

Dr. Gorka to CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

“You are now 13th place in national ratings, behind Nick at Night, which is 11th….Tucker Carlson gets 4 million viewers, you barely scratch 800,000.”

Dr. Gorka to Sean Hannity:

“Someone has to be the President’s Pit Bull, and I’m ready.  I going to take it to them. “

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