Right After Trump Was Handed A Cowboy Hat, He Did Something That Made Crowd Go WILD

President Donald Trump sure as hell knows how to please a crowd, am I right? Today, right before his Made in America speech, President Trump noticed a few fine Cowboy hats sitting around.

He looked to the gentleman with the hats, and kindly requested one. The man obliged, gladly turning one of his hats over to the President. Trump then looked down, smiled at the hat, and did something great…

He rocked that hat like a true cowboy!


Yeehaw! Am I right or am I right? I mean, y’all watched that video I put up above. You have seen it for yourselves. That’s what you get from a President of the people.

I think Donald Trump’s message was loud and clear too: There is a new sheriff in town.

He then took the stage to make a historic speech where he promoted American industry and attacked unfair trade and even went after Amazon, the internet giant.

Now that right there is a REAL President for ya.

The Media has been awful hard on the Trumps. We all know it. Still, we gotta do our best to stand by him. Start by sharing this out and commenting God Bless President Trump.

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