DEMOCRATS ARE RUINED: Jessie Waters Just ENDED The Democratic Party With 1 Brutal Fact

Jessie Waters just went on Fox and Friends and completely destroyed the democratic party, they might not get up from this one. (watch video below)

After spending the better part of a year making up lies about Trump and how he “colluded with the Russians,” Waters exposed how the democrats have been doing EXACTLY that, and worse, FOR DECADES.

During his epic beatdown of liberal hack Juan Williams, Waters reveals that the democrats are the ones who have actually cozied up with our enemies, not Trump. Obama gave Iran and North Korea billions of dollars.  They shook hands with brutal dictators like Castro, AND THE MEDIA EVEN DEFENDED IT.  The Clintons took money from Chinese nationals during the ’96 reelection campaign and then sold our satellite technology to them, and Hillary sold our uranium to the Russians.

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