Gutfeld Just Revealed How Russia Investigation Is About To Backfire On Democrats

The Democrats have put all their chips on the table in their risky gamble to oust Republican President Donald Trump by doubling down on their allegations that he, and now his children, colluded with Russians to somehow fix the election for Trump.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, with the help of his The Five co-host Jesse Watters and guest Lisa Boothe, just explained how the Democrats Russia plan will fail and ultimately “boomerang” and backfire on them.

Said Boothe about Hillary Clinton, “You look at the actual information that was out there that damaged her the most, and was the biggest indictment of her and her character, was self-inflicted wounds. It was the setting up a private email server, the deleting of tens of thousands of emails with bleachbit, the Clinton Foundation and the quid pro quo.”

Lisa added, “So literally everything that damaged her candidacy outside of her just being a generally unlikeable person, was all self-inflicted.” Commented Jesse, “And it always boomerangs back on the Democrats. We’ve seen the Susan Rice boomerang, we’ve seen the Comey memos boomerang, and it looks like, this has boomeranged. Who let this person into the country?”

Stated Gutfeld, “Well this is why. You know what the boomerang will result in? A full accounting under oath of all of Podesta’s meetings as well.” Answered Watters, “Yes!” Greg explained, “If you’re gonna do this all those meetings with operatives and the operatives that promised dirt on Trump including this fake dossier from a Brit – where did that come from? These are all important questions that, and again I go back to a very simple fact. Anybody would take this meeting if they promised you dirt and Podesta, with his little cut-out firms, I would not be surprised.” Do you think they’re right?

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