WikiLeaks Releases CIA Data Dump, Press Conference Livestream ‘Under Attack’!

This is amazing! The whole world is shocked today! Look what Wikileaks did to CIA and Obama! Once more, Trump was right about everything!

And they are now under attack! We are so much thankful to them for what they are doing to stop Obama and Hilary attack on president Trump!

WikiLeaks has released a CIA data dump titled “Vault 7 Part 1 “Year Zero”: Inside the CIA’s global hacking force.”

WikiLeaks sent out multiple tweets today in relation to a new batch of information set to be published following a press conference at 8AM ET. The release was given the codename “Year Zero” and related to what WikiLeaks called a “CIA global hacking force.”

At 8AM WikiLeaks claimed that their live streaming services were “under attack” and that they were “activating contingency.”

A few minutes later, WikiLeaks tweeted the decryption passphrase for the CIA data dump which reads, “SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds”,

WikiLeaks has since announced that Julian Assange’s press conference relating to the data dump will be rescheduled for a later time.
THIS IS AMAZING! Trump presidency will be very catastrophic to CIA and NSA! They will have to stop attacking Trump and the GOP!

American federal agencies should work for the people, not against them!

American president is the chief executive officer to the federal government, they should help him to be successful president, not fighting against him!

The American people demands all Obama and Hillary agents to stop leaking info to the public and our enemies, we need strong administration and strong federal institutions!

America voted for Trump, he is our legitimate president now, and the war should end here.

The elections are over! And Obama and Hillary should go to jail for everything they did to stop Trump becoming American president!


(h/t) Breitbart.com

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