Nancy Pelosi Taken From Her Home By DEA After Her Own Daughters Sold Her Out


Nancy Pelosi is now in more trouble than she ever bargained for. Her two adult daughters, Louanne and Marissa, caught red-handed at the Mexican border with enough cocaine to choke the Kentucky Derby, turned her over as the operation’s mastermind.

The two young women, aged 21 and 26, turned state’s evidence against the former Speaker of the House and walked out of jail with no charges against them, so their evidence must be strong. Pelosi was taken into custody at her California home without incident and posted $10 million bail less than an hour later.

Pelosi will be facing more than just drug trafficking and smuggling charges, she will also most likely face ethics violations and congressional contract breaches that could constitute treason if criminal activity pertaining to drugs was funded with a single dollar of taxpayer money.

Trey Gowdy’s Committee to Convict Clinton will be back in session in late August and will take on the Pelosi case as well. The case before Congress will take of destroying her legacy.

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