Nancy Pelosi Just Made The Worst Mistake Of Her Career About Injured GOP Scalise

Many people, Republicans and Democrats alike, have grown concerned by the apparent erosion of Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s mental faculties.

The 77 year old Pelosi, who clearly does not possess the common sense necessary to realize that it is time for her to step aside and let others lead her party, has become notorious recent months for her painful public speaking gaffes. In a recent speech, she made what is surely the single most cringe-worthy gaffe of her career.

Following the tragic shooting assault on Republican congressmen in a public park by an unhinged former Bernie Sanders volunteer, Democrats were moved to express consoling words for the victims, including Rep. Steve Scalise, who remains in critical condition.

Said Rep. Pelosi in a discourse about the terrible assault, “Our hearts are broken over the attack that was made, truly, on every one of us, yet by and by grief stricken over the dea… ah, at what happened to Steve Scalise, our associate.”

 Watch her awful flub below:


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